Preparing for Didang’s 4th Birthday Party

DIDANG, my cute niece, will be turning 4 this coming April 17.

Didang during our Family Christmas Pool Party 2010

By that time, I am not certain, if I am home already or not. However, as early as now, I am already planning how that said birthday party be held. Once, we talked over the phone, I asked Didang what designs for her invitation cards be looking like and she said that it would be like Dora’s birthday party. I only said, what a corporatelogodesign for kids. So I looked over the internet some Dora-themed birthday parties and this was what I found real cute below.


Will Didang be loving this design? Smiley Hope so..


But I will try some more other Dora stuffs for kids especially pink-colored since she really specified pink Dora.

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