Miley Cyrus is my Psychiatric Patient

Early morning yesterday, March 12, 2011, we went to the public hospital here in Cebu City. It was our Psychiatry duty. We talked to a number of psychiatric patients. Tellin’ you, it’s not a joke to talk to them. Each patient’s mind are very unpredictable.


As I have said before, on my previous post regarding our Psychiatry duty, we were required to wear our uniforms, ops, not nursing uniforms as what the patients were thinking, in fact, one of them asked me if I were a nurse cause I was just using a plain white dress and not even a cheap medical scrubs, but rather just like a cherokee medical uniforms; comfortable to wear.

Anyway, back to those patients, I interviewed a patient who used to think that she was like Miley Cyrus. She knew what Miley Cyrus are singing, she knew almost everything about her. Physically, my patient has long blond hair like Miley’s. I asked her to sing one song of Miley, and she never failed me, she sung!

Aside from my Miley Cyrus patient, some of my classmates shared that they handled patients thinking of something beyond what used to do.


Poor thing to think, but this is the reality. Being a medical doctor, rather a medical student, we, ourselves, didn’t know the full history of the patients. Whatever those would be, caring for them is only what we’re doing. They are really huge in number inside the ward, and really looking pitiful being, as some shared, neglected by their family.

As everyone is wishing for, their fast recovery is what we’re looking for!


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