Happy Pi Day!

Mathematics has never been my favorite subject. But celebrating Pi Day today is what I missed in my previous Mathematics subjects, back from High School.

Opps..am not referring to Pie, the food one, but Pi, the Mathematical symbol equivalent to 3.1416.


My mum is a Mathematics teacher and so my siblings are number eaters, not like me! I don’t know why I hate numbers. Maybe that’s the reason why I took natural science subjects and enrolled in medical school. What do you think?


Anyhow, Happy Pi Day Everyone!


Happy Pi Day! — 11 Comments

  1. You like sushi, I hate sushi.

    I love math, you don't.. We're opposites in many ways and still we're friends. Awesome!

  2. I do not know why… but I've ended up getting pharmacist degree instead of becoming an engineer or an architect. WEll, I've somehow used math in Chemistry and physics anyway. 🙂