Google Celebrates Harry Houdini 137th Birthday

Harry Houdini is an American Classic Magician and stunt performer, actor, film producer, who is known for his sensational escape acts. He was also noted for his being skeptic who set out to expose frauds purporting to be supernatural phenomena.
One of Houdini‘s greatest tricks on stage was called “The Vanishing Elephant”. An elephant was led into a cabinet with curtains at the front and doors at the back. The curtains were closed and then opened. The cabinet was empty and the elephant had vanished! The audience could see all round and below the cabinet, but they could not see the secret compartment on one side where the elephant was hidden.
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Google Celebrates Harry Houdini 137th Birthday — 11 Comments

  1. Does not matter if magic's just a trick. I like watching! Thanks for sharing, GG!

  2. Harry Houdini was the greatest magician of all time. Long before the advent of David Copperfield and all the modern gadgets and contraptions of modern day magic, Houdini astounded the whole world with his mind boggling and death defying escape acts with his life always on the line. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.