FAITH KROLL, Who is She? Teacher or Exhibitionist?

Sex Education, up until now, is one of the many issues being resolve in the academe whether to include in such curriculum or not. However, just recently, in Northwestern University, FAITH KROLL, a 25 year old lass, demonstrated sexual acts using a machine-powered toy in a group of students after their regular classes.

Weird. isn’t it?

Is she suffering from any psychiatric problems? What do you think?

Anyway, talking about psychiatric problems, I am just getting excited to wear my hospital uniform because tomorrow will be our first psychiatry visit in the hospital. Thinking of those weird people, as what our teacher shared to us, they really has different personalities. Some would probably just share to you almost all of their problems in the world laughing, dancing, singing, crying, mad and a lot more mixed emotions.


Getting somehow nervous to meet weird people in a real scenario, ‘coz am not a nursing graduate so I never had those experience of doing bedside check with those people, I am making myself calm and relax, practicing on how to most probably talk to them the most appropriate way. Our teacher said that they usually choose who they’d like to talk to especially those people in scrubs. Though we won’t use our scrubs set for now, we’re just required to use our uniforms, they might as well recognize us having those white dress on us.


Oh yeah! So much with that, so, who do you think is FAITH KROLL, a teacher or an exhibitionist?


FAITH KROLL, Who is She? Teacher or Exhibitionist? — 5 Comments

  1. Hmmmm I think she's an exhibitionist who just likes to show off, not that there's anythng wrong with showing off… just that I wouldn't do it this way ha ha!

  2. TGIF GG, I slept all night yesterday like normal ppl ha ha! wakey wakey now!

  3. I agree with Marzie on this one there is nothing wrong with showing off you just have to pick the right place and right time to do it.