Defriend Day on Facebook

How true that it’s Defriend Day on Facebook?


I was checking my emails regarding my vacation when an instant message popped out from a dearest friend asking me how true is it about the Defriend day on Facebook. She even asked me how, specifically, it would be.

Actually, I don’t really know. I don’t have any idea. Upon browsing over the internet, as I have understood, dunno if it’s right, it’s probably just a search engine marketing tricks so that a number of search engine will be easily viewable when being searched. Smiley I do not know. That’s just a big guess.

Of whatever it may be for that the Defriend day on Facebook, one thing is for sure, I would never defriend any from Facebook unless opted so. Smiley


Defriend Day on Facebook — 12 Comments

  1. I've installed the Unfriender to my browser so whoever deactivated their profiles, i will receive notifications too! n if the unfriended me, i also can know. :p

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  2. I wan to trim down my FB friends but so lazy to log in and go through one by one…