April Fool’s Day Pranks

It’s almost April however medical school examinations are not yet done. But those exams are not hindrance to my April Fool’s Day Pranks‘ preparations.

I don’t really do fooling anybody on April Fool’s Day. But this time I want to. One of the April Fool’s Day Pranks that I want to try this year is to fill the hair dryer of my sibling with baby powder so when she uses, turn it on, surely, her head will be purely white looking like an oldie. Cute. Isn’t it? Smiley I am just missing my family now.
Anyway, talking about families this April, yeah, we’re gonna have our family vacation. For wherever that would be, am not certain yet. But as of now, I am already making a checklist to what needs to prepare and what not. First, on the top list, are new sleeping bags, for me and for my cute little nephews and niece. Smiley I’d been skipping an eight-hour sleep for the whole academic year, so I guess, I need to catch up with those even just this summer vacation. Why sleeping bag? The vacation, as what my mum shared, would be something like an outdoor stuff. I don’t feel like bringing a hammock, so I better pick sleeping bag then, it’s more comfortable and handy to carry too. Next on the list is my month-long supply of my vertigo and migraine medicines. There’s nothing more to beat the anxiety am feeling when both attacks me. I’m really looking like a lioness. Smiley Who’d like to be like that? Other stuffs on my list are the usual toiletry, garments and my online stuffs.

Oh yeah! Seems like I am really getting excited looking forward for that vacation. Smiley Yes, I do! March 2011, please move faster!!!

Happy April Fool’s Day in advance!!!


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