Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You): Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris

I’m not really an astrology-believer, but when my elder sister told me that this year is kind’a good for me, I smiled. I can’t totally just dwell on it, but somehow, trying to find some inspirations to live the Rabbit year. My sister, an avid reader of astrology said that my lovelife will be blooming. Haha. I am hoping so! And with such, I just want to share this Enrique Iglesias song which I heard while my sister was sharing to me about my predictions for this year!

Happy MM gusy!

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Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You): Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris — 11 Comments

  1. blooming, as my sisssy said..hahah!LOL! i even asked her what does she means coz if so being blooming, i could hav lots of bfs..LOL!

  2. Hello GG! Wow ha. Nice song.

    Ay oo. Super blooming ka parang yung blooming na lovelife mo. Happy for you! Hugs! happy new year! Mwahhhh..