January 2011 Page Rank (PR) Update

For almost four (4) years of healthy blogging, everything much to do just for blogs like SEO and the like, not to mention how to increase Google Page Rank (PR), are just some things I could humbly say I learned from blogging and maintaining good Google Page Rank for my blogs.


Google‘s Page Rank is one of the basic yet most important thing to consider in blogging because of its great relevance in advertising, blogging itself and a lot more. Page Rank update is scheduled, usually done every first five (5) days quarterly. However, when I was done blogging about the schedule of PR Update this year, I just received an email that there was done a PR Update last January 21, 2011. I checked my PR for all my blogs, but sadly, my News Blog, The Latest Buzzzz, and Medical Blog, Pinoy, MD, both went down from PR 3 to PR 2. While my personal blog, I am…but GAGAY, is still having the big fat zero.

Those PR, I am having with my blogs now, somehow good for my news and medical blogs but not for my personal blog, are not something to celebrate welcoming the new year with a new blog PR. Yeah! I am somehow feeling bad, I guess, because I haven’t been doing real good and much time for blogging, but I can’t deny that I am not smiling with my PR. Smiley

How I wish, for the next blog PR update schedule, all my blogs will have a good PR. **crossing fingers**


January 2011 Page Rank (PR) Update — 5 Comments

  1. GP! selamat pagi! yay for coffee-ing with Tito B!

    good for you no changes for Meows and WOAFS..mine has changed! darn!