JACOB, The Most Popular Baby Boy Name in 2009

Suggesting a name to a pregnant close friend who’s expecting a baby boy is very difficult especially when she’s asking for a why explanation of the name.

I am the kind of friend, to my closest pals, that is really vocal and will uprightly said whatever I wanted to tell. So I guess, that’s one reason why my friend asked me what’s the most meaningful name of a boy, just for me, that I could suggest relating and knowing her completely. Without any hesitations, I subconsciously, smilingly uttered JACOB. I do not know why. I don’t even feel any tingling sounds with the name, but it seems like it would mean something. Then and then, we browsed over the internet about the name JACOB and we both discovered that it is the most popular baby boy name in 2009. I guess, that’s the only reason why I uttered the name JACOB. Smiley

With much of our discoveries online, we stumbled upon spots to where we could have the first birthday of his expected baby boy. Not just the birthday, but even the christening and all of the possible parties and celebrations to be held. But the most exciting thing we did was the inquiry and booking on Holiday Lodges in Cornwall? Those were just because of our foolishness. Smiley

Do you have any friends named JACOB? Then tell him, his name is the most popular name in 2009.

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