Eyeglasses Frames Online

Just for the recent school year, I changed my pairs of eyeglasses’ lens thrice and twice with my contact lenses. My eyes’ progressively damaging and it’s causing me harder time to do things supposed to be hassle-free in wearing eyeglasses.
As the school year resumed after a two-week holiday vacation, I was planning of purchasing online eyeglasses, where the lens’ don’t have grades most specifically in Facebook online stores. However, I had hard time fitting those eyeglasses because there are no virtual try on frames. So what I did, and what my mum suggested, is just to have my old frames on but with new lens. This eyeglasses I am having now is the one I bought last July 2010. I found it not so good looking already, that’s why I want to have a new frame. But as I have said, I got hard time and was in doubt with the online shopping of frames.
By now, I still don’t have new pairs of frames, but the lens were changed already. I wish I could find some stylish frames from the malls this coming Saturday as soon as mum arrives. Yayks! Shopping whole day with mum!



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  1. i tried contact lenses before GP..but i found it more hassle coz can't sleep during school vacant time..need to get the contact lenses then.. 🙁