GOODBYE Nadal for Australian Open 2011

I am effingly grieving with the Australian Open 2011 results. I didn’t expect the No Nadal for Australian Open 2011 thingy to happen. The worst thing is, even eying him for the quarterfinals is has been a no-no.For this week’s Music Monday, I am singing GOODBYE to Nadal for AusOpen 2011.

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January 2011 Page Rank (PR) Update

For almost four (4) years of healthy blogging, everything much to do just for blogs like SEO and the like, not to mention how to increase Google Page Rank (PR), are just some things I could humbly say I learned from blogging and maintaining good Google Page Rank for my blogs.


Google‘s Page Rank is one of the basic yet most important thing to consider in blogging because of its great relevance in advertising, blogging itself and a lot more. Page Rank update is scheduled, usually done every first five (5) days quarterly. However, when I was done blogging about the schedule of PR Update this year, I just received an email that there was done a PR Update last January 21, 2011. I checked my PR for all my blogs, but sadly, my News Blog, The Latest Buzzzz, and Medical Blog, Pinoy, MD, both went down from PR 3 to PR 2. While my personal blog, I am…but GAGAY, is still having the big fat zero.

Those PR, I am having with my blogs now, somehow good for my news and medical blogs but not for my personal blog, are not something to celebrate welcoming the new year with a new blog PR. Yeah! I am somehow feeling bad, I guess, because I haven’t been doing real good and much time for blogging, but I can’t deny that I am not smiling with my PR. Smiley

How I wish, for the next blog PR update schedule, all my blogs will have a good PR. **crossing fingers**

Nadal hinders Blogging and Reasearch Experiment

These days, since the start of the Australian Open 2011, my schedules were sliced into blogging, research experiments but most part is for AO 2011, specifically for Rafael Nadal.

Into blogging, having my own domain and deciding whether to have it provided by another web hosting site are very difficult to have by this time. I know and am sure, creating another blog, a pet blog, in particular is doing things out of scratch because I still need to get back to the very first things to consider in blogging like waiting for how many days for the domain to be activated, months to do nothing else but wait for blog approval from any money-making website companies. Still, hassles are dumping. Me, myself can’t deny that I can’t give my 24-hour eying on my proposed pet blog.On the other hand, doing research in Pharmacology, for me, is a thing I need to complete. I have no other choices but to make things done before due time. But because of the weather that is very conducive for watching games especially that Australian Open 2011 has just started, Rafael Nadal is hindering all my things-to-do at home. He’s a real hunk, though, he’s kind’a upsetting me because I can surely make my works neglected just to watch the Australian Open 2011. So LOL I am.Anybody else a huge fan of Rafael Nadal? Come! Watch and play with me and Nadal!


I didn’t noticed that the AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2011 has already started up until one of my friends twitted (@Chesel) last night that she wanted to play tennis in the middle of the night. I asked her if the Australian Open 2011 has opened already, and she said it might be because her dad used to watch the game since the other night on TV.

Oh no!!! Smiley Upon checking it myself online, indeed the AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2011 has opened 4 days before. Smiley

Last week, I even checked on sports site and watched some live telecast some previews of the past Australian Open. I really thought I had planted the schedule deep into me about the Australian Open 2011 but I really forgot because of the Sinulog Festival 2011 and the visit of the mum and sis here. Added to that, last week was also our third bi-monthly exam, so all of the sports and other stuffs were kept behind.

But I will try to make things up though 4 days behind! LOL!



Google celebrates The Impressionist, Paul Cézanne Birthday

When I opened the Google homepage today, the image on the Google icon seemed to be very familiar to me. As I clicked the image, I was redirected to Paul Cézanne‘s wikipedia link.

I remembered my college years when our professor in Arts and Painting, Humanities II, required us to memorize all of the painters, painters, anything related to arts and painting from the time those stuffs were first discovered.

Any ways, if you happen to visit the Google page, you can also see the impressionist painting of Paul Cézanne.

Happy birthday
Paul Cézanne!!!

T.I. – Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown

This is not a booty waggy song but I just love this song because of the meaning! Try listening, watching the video and reflect.

Happy Music Monday guys!

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Web-hosting Discount Coupons

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JACOB, The Most Popular Baby Boy Name in 2009

Suggesting a name to a pregnant close friend who’s expecting a baby boy is very difficult especially when she’s asking for a why explanation of the name.

I am the kind of friend, to my closest pals, that is really vocal and will uprightly said whatever I wanted to tell. So I guess, that’s one reason why my friend asked me what’s the most meaningful name of a boy, just for me, that I could suggest relating and knowing her completely. Without any hesitations, I subconsciously, smilingly uttered JACOB. I do not know why. I don’t even feel any tingling sounds with the name, but it seems like it would mean something. Then and then, we browsed over the internet about the name JACOB and we both discovered that it is the most popular baby boy name in 2009. I guess, that’s the only reason why I uttered the name JACOB. Smiley

With much of our discoveries online, we stumbled upon spots to where we could have the first birthday of his expected baby boy. Not just the birthday, but even the christening and all of the possible parties and celebrations to be held. But the most exciting thing we did was the inquiry and booking on Holiday Lodges in Cornwall? Those were just because of our foolishness. Smiley

Do you have any friends named JACOB? Then tell him, his name is the most popular name in 2009.

New Astrological (Zodiac) Signs 2011

People who are an avid believer of astrology and almost rely their lives following the sun, stars, moon and earth’s position might be having a little crisis this year because of the newly discovered earth’s changing position pointing to the new constellation, the Ophiuchus.
Ophiuchus is actually not a new found constellation, but has been existing since the Ancient Babylonian times. However, it is just this year, 2011, that the alignment of the earth and the sun is positioned to this constellation which then to the astronomers and astrologists as well adds a new zodiac sign consider this year starting January 13, 2011, perhaps the new astrological sign for 2011 consists of 13 zodiac elements.

Eyeglasses Frames Online

Just for the recent school year, I changed my pairs of eyeglasses’ lens thrice and twice with my contact lenses. My eyes’ progressively damaging and it’s causing me harder time to do things supposed to be hassle-free in wearing eyeglasses.
As the school year resumed after a two-week holiday vacation, I was planning of purchasing online eyeglasses, where the lens’ don’t have grades most specifically in Facebook online stores. However, I had hard time fitting those eyeglasses because there are no virtual try on frames. So what I did, and what my mum suggested, is just to have my old frames on but with new lens. This eyeglasses I am having now is the one I bought last July 2010. I found it not so good looking already, that’s why I want to have a new frame. But as I have said, I got hard time and was in doubt with the online shopping of frames.
By now, I still don’t have new pairs of frames, but the lens were changed already. I wish I could find some stylish frames from the malls this coming Saturday as soon as mum arrives. Yayks! Shopping whole day with mum!