Mozilla to Apple, Microsoft and Google: ‘Stop being evil’

“Why do Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others think that it is an OK practice to add plug-ins to Firefox when I’m installing their software packages,” Dotzler wrote.

“When I installed iTunes, in order to manage my music collection and sync to my iPod, why did Apple think it was OK to add the iTunes Application Detector plug-in to my Firefox web browser without asking me?”

“What makes Google think it’s reasonable behavior for them to slip a Google Update plug-in into Firefox when I installed Google Earth or Google Chrome (not sure which one caused this) without asking me first?” he wrote.

“This is not OK behavior. I downloaded and installed a specific application from these vendors intending to have only that application installed, and without my consent that application foisted additional software on me.”

“I repeat: this is not OK.”

I was just studying our Pharmacology notes on addiction treatment and the best drug rehabilitation programs for long term drug users for our exam tomorrow when I was dragged to read on those statements above about Google being EVIL.
I haven’t yet done reading each sides of the involved companies, I need more information before I comment much. What I want to say is that is there a rehabilitation centers or programs for being an EVIL? Phew!

Being a drug user or an alcoholic for a time, I guess, is much better than being an EVIL, right? For me, it’s because drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab centers are just anywhere. Anybody can find it everywhere and very available to those who wanted to change. A piece of medicine and therapy will all make a person change and put away drugs and alcohols. But being evil is not that easy since there’s no chemicals, medicines and pills to treat being such.

I am hoping that Google and Mozilla and other involved companies will find there rehabs. LOL!

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