Never Talk to Strangers

One of the things M used to remind me especially when I’m into a place the very first time is to never talk to strangers. I know what he means to it. But, with my being talkative, and as many has said, approachable and friendly, I don’t think I can’t talk to strangers. M knew it. Off course, I understand him because of his job, he’s just getting paranoid though.

Once, I threw M a joke, I told him that I miss chatting since I enter the medical school and I want to try it that time. He said that it’s ok to do chatting online, joining in a chat room and making some online friends but as part his reminders, I’d never give any personal information about myself.

Being a good GF and with me being paranoid also, I looked for chat sites online wherein there are no registration needed because registration, for me, would mean, disclosing personal information which I am locking being reminded as always. I stumbled upon wherein anybody who wants to have someone to talk to even just for a time is a thumbs up since, as I have said, there were no registration needed. One can only look for those online and available chatters then by clicking his or her name, boom!, a good conversation might happen.

I personally tried chatting there for less than 30 minutes. The system is good as long as the internet connection of the chatters are very stable. Personal identities of the chatters, which is very confidential for some, are still kept but that will only be on the chatter’s responsibilities now if they’ll disclose some or not. But as what I have experience, the chatters really are not required to tell and inform the whole world wide web about his or her information.

I actually have chatted a number of different people. They’re good. Well, the value of the conversation always depends on how one deal with it, right? Some, honestly are rude. But still, one can manage the conversation if she or he knows how to. Might soon, if I’ll get bored here in my room, I’ll be chatting again using that same website.

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