Facts on Wandering Thoughts and Unhappiness

I was lurking for the best casino games when I stumbled upon the latest scientific published studies. The study was actually about the links between wandering thoughts and unhappiness.The revealed that people became less happy when they are wandering.

“These results certainly surprised me,” said the study’s lead author, Matthew Killingsworth, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard University. He had expected that people’s wandering thoughts would make them more happy – not less so.

But, on the other hand, it’s also possible the link between mind wandering and unhappiness is a self-correcting mechanism. If we could slip into a perfectly serene world of our own mental creation, why would we ever want to resurface? Mind wandering may, indeed, offer certain evolutionary advantages, but too much of it could be a bad thing. After all, our cave-dwelling ancestors would have quickly fallen prey to sabre-toothed tigers if they let their guard down for very long. More>>

Hope you have something good grasp from this. So, stop wandering. Live your life happy.


Facts on Wandering Thoughts and Unhappiness — 8 Comments

  1. i think it's kinda true GG… yeah no wan wander and worry too much… just wan to chill play slots!

  2. Hi GG!

    Yes, I do think much of that is true. Too much of that can land you in the hospital, so it means changes have to be made if that is the case.

    Anyway, see ya later Sexy Doc!