Welcome to my New Room!

Last Saturday, October 02, 2010, I already transferred to my new apartment, new room.

When we were transferring to the new apartment,
my classmate took me a photo in one side of the room.

For any reasons, I might not disclose it here yet. I think, it’s not the right time yet. Actually, my plans were all random and super rush. I called my mum on Wednesday, September 30, then I already confirmed my buddies in the new apartment that I’ll be transferring by Saturday. Smiley

Anyway, since am still new here, I am planning to make real renovations in terms of furniture. I have already bought my own table and chair. I also have my own new bed, but am planning to have me a water bed, same as what we’re using at home. What am prioritizing to have now is the window blinds. This afternoon, as I and Jay, my classmate went to the mall, I was looking for vertical cheap wooden venetian blinds. However, the mall attendant said that they already have no available stocks of the wooden blinds. I prefer wooden one since it’s relaxing and not too hot if temperature rises compared to the plastic one. It’s more pleasing to the eye also than the plastic blinds.

Aside from the blinds, I also want to have holiday ceiling decorations. I am already checking for great color combination of decorations from the mall but haven’t decided which motif to have. Might as well have green. But I am not really sure yet.

For now, I could say that I am really enjoying and feeling more comfortable with my new house, new room compared to before.


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