Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan William Lipnickiwho is popularly known as an American actor for his roles in Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, The Little Vampire and Mike natively belongs to California.

Jonathan Lipnicki is known for his contributions to charity, appearing and / or spoken at events for Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Starlight Children Foundation and the NBA Read to achieve. He is also an international representative of the Child and Chiropractic Kids Day America / International. He was named one of โ€œthe heroes of 2001? JDRF for their participation. Lipnicki, who has four dogs, is also involved in animal rights groups, including pets and their Stars and the Nuts for Mutts.

However, I am getting more giggle with this kid since he looks like Didong in his photo above from the film Jerry Maguire.

Jonathan or Didong? Emoticon


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