Kitty Scrubs

The semester has just ended but still yet to start again. And as usual, rotation duties will still be one thing to prepare to.
Talking about duties, some of the things medical students must prepare for rotation duties are lab coat and a scrub uniform. But I don’t think we are already required to have those yet. I am not exactly sure. I only heard it from some school mates that they are already preparing for it. I haven’t asked yet my classmates about those stuffs.

But off course, if we’re happen to use scrub uniforms, no one can deny that I will really choose green scrubs. Green is one of my fave color. I guess, everybody knew that. But I want a kitty scrubs more, a green kitty scrubs to be specific. In fact, I already have found one kitty cloth which is best for scrubs. Yayks!!!

What about the kitty cloth below?

But I just don’t want my kitty to sit over my scrubs.

Hmp! I gotta wait for any confirmations from the office of registrar before I’ll have my scrubs on.

Google Doodles Halloween featuring Scooby Doo

Happy Halloween!

Google is also celebrating Halloween featuring Scooby Doo!

The Google homepage is using four (4) different Scooby Doo Halloween events.Happy Halloween guys!

Fake Terror in US

As I have been browsing the internet for some recent casino reviews’ sites online, I stumbled upon the talks about the Fake Terrorism in the United States.I just can’t find out if it’s really true or not.There are a number of news saying that there are terrors to attack in Philadelphia and Newark Airports. There are even some saying that they have been attacked already. Well then, nothing really made me believe all of those because none from them yet confirmed of any damages caused by terrorism. Some said that those were just political gain to Obama administration.

Anyhow, I still managed to look for casino reviews and just never thought again and be bothered with the fake terror news in US.

Beyoncé is PREGNANT

The singer, Beyoncé, and her hubby Jay-Z are both expecting for their first baby. This is according to the US Weekly.Beyoncé is PREGNANT.

Beyoncé is in her first trimester now in pregnancy but still having her world tour concerts. Though then, she’s very happy and so her hubby who confirmed that this 29-year-old singer is indeed pregnant.


“Happy Days” Star Tom Bosley Died at 83

The American actor and known “Happy Days” star Tom Bosley passed away in his home in California at the age of 83.
He is best known for his starring and supporting roles on the television shows Happy Days, Murder, She Wrote, and Father Dowling Mysteries, as well as the title role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Fiorello!

It is said that the cause of his death is just of natural causes but noting also lung cancer.


Johnson & Johnson is in Trouble with Tylenol after Benadryl

Recently, the adult over the counter pain reliever, Tylenol, which is a Johnson & Johnson product has been causing the company a head ache because of the noted and complaints of having musty odor. This is the company’s third product being recalled after Benadryl, Mortin and Zyrtec this year in April.

Actually, the company has already been receiving notices for the 9th time this year and that the products need to be taken out from the shelves in stores.Tylenol is an arthritis relief caplets specifically for adults. Other uses of tylenol are for reduction of allergies, cough, flu, fever. It is in fact marketed as antipyretic and analgesic.

But with the complaints of a number of American users, the use of Tylenol in the public now is very much alarming since it’s causing stomach pain one’s taken.

An American friend of mine even threw me a joke thru email who used to take Tylenol and at the same time in depuy class action of Johnson & Johnson due to knee problems said, “It’s alright if Tylenol will be recalled ‘coz am no longer taking it“. Smiley

Good Bye Coffee

I think I really need to totally wave good bye to cups of coffee Smiley even though it’s really hurting me most.

Actually, the other week, I tried not to take any cups of coffee for a week even we’re still flooded with exams. Off course, as with my daily burps, milk is what I am just taking. But, since I need to strive harder for our final exam which has just started last Monday, I tried coffee again last Sunday night. But, telling you guys, I felt a lot of unusual things like palpitations until today, my migraine is getting back and dryness of mouth. I do not know why. I am not really sure if coffees do cause dryness of mouth, but with our symptoms which are really disturbing, I am pretty sure those are caused by coffees.I am getting shaky now more and more especially when I thought of going home the soonest and feeling these strange because my mum might be seeing me differently. Aside from that, my casino online games which I am just relying on to three to four cups of coffees a night might be disturbed.I haven’t talked to my cardiologist yet. I’ll just observe these symptoms up until Friday. If these will persists, and that would still be the time for me to permanently cry good bye for coffees.

VIDEO: Eagles vs Falcons, DeSean Jackson brutal hit by Dunta Robinson

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson suffered a head injury after a brutal full-speed collision with Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson and will not return to the game.

Jackson dropped a pass when hit by Robinson, who led with his head and hit Jackson in the helmet. Robinson was flagged with a 15-yard penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver.

Both players went to their locker rooms for observation following the hit which occurred early in the second quarter. More>>

I’ll Never Get Over You, Getting Over Me – MYMP

The singer is just a local Filipino singer, but I am just adoring her voice. I love the way she sings love songs. It could really touch one’s heart. Smiley

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Happy MM guys!!!


Barbara Billingsley Died at 94

Barbara Billingsley, a television’s June Cleaver, died last Saturday morning at her home in Santa Monica, Calif due to polymyalgia, a rheumatoid ailment. She was 94.
Born Barbara Lillian Combes in Los Angeles, Calif. , in 1915, the aspiring actress found work as a fashion model early in her career. She appeared in such movies as “Airplane!” (1980) and various TV series, but nothing matched the fame and impact of her role on “Leave It To Beaver.”