He wants. I don’t.

So this is kind’a conflict of wants between I and M.

With our present status that I am still studying and he’s far working in the government, he thought of having other things for us to have something to save, financially, for any future preparations. I asked him what would it be, then he undoubtedly uttered business – having our own business. Honestly, I never ever thought of considering businesses in my entire life. So I told him, I don’t like it. One thing I am thinking of business is the rat-race-like characteristic that even it’s own family is of no considerations. Aside from that, it’s so time and effort stealer which I really don’t like.
But M insisted. He really wants something to manage. Thence, I favored him. And this is our problem now: to what would be our business to have. As he said, he has been thinking of security businesses that are US based – manufacturing in Mexico. Upon hearing it, my eyes glared and even heightened my tension and reacted, are you really sure? He was just actually joking at me coz he observed I was really serious when talking things like businesses. Phew!
Up until now, when we always bump to things like these, we ended up laughing coz we both have different thoughts that would never meet in terms of businesses. But for now, I am already considering things which he let me realized for us to have especially for our future, and that is really to have business aside from our different careers. That is just still to consider, for me coz what I am really sure for now is the fact that business is what he wants which I don’t.

To Go Home or Not?

I am planning to go home, in Davao, this coming Friday since my cousin will be getting married and my family will be attending. Didong will be the ring bearer, and so I want to witness how he’ll be walking down the aisle holding a ring. Every time I had a call with my mum at home, Didong used to ask my mum to talk to me. He always excitingly tells me that he’ll be ramping in the aisle wearing a formal dress and a black shoes.However, I am not sure yet if I could go back home since I haven’t booked any plane fairs yet because of my school schedules. Off course, I don’t want to get absent from school this Friday afternoon. Aside from that, I am really having difficult time transporting from Cebu City going to Mactan airport especially during peak hours because of the traffic and its distance that I could consume almost an hour. If only there’s an airport transfer shuttle from Cebu City going to Mactan, that would be of great help since the two are situated in different islands. Public shuttles, if only are present here, are very helpful in transferring travelers. For instance, last week, when I went to Manila, my flight was supposed to be at 10:45 PM, but because of the traffic situations, I need to depart in Cebu City going to Mactan airport as early as 8:00 PM. Phew!

Well, I still have 3 more days to decide whether to go home or not. By now, I don’t know yet. Smiley


Gagay and KC: To Play Casino or Not?

Last Saturday, KC, a classmate of mine here in medical school, has invited me to try playing casinos here in Cebu. Me, myself, haven’t tried it yet here. I only played in Grand Regal Hotel in Davao City where most of my blogger friends meet and do casino all night as well as my mum. KC has also shared that she has played Ma-Jong with one of our classmates also, which became her addiction since she was in college. Unlike mine, I could settle for casino online especially during weekend wherein I am too lazy to move, commute going to casino place. But with KC, she really wanted to play it real one. She even wanted me to teach her. Though I’ve been playing this for how long, maybe 3 years, I can’t say I already master casino – online gambling. I am not that confident enough to teach anybody about casino. Hehe.
KC really wanted us to play casino if we have enough free time. Maybe, for me, that would be by the end of the semester already. I’m not sure yet when the both of us could play casino together. For sure, not this time yet since exams are falling in line.

Busy Weekend

Comparing last weekend, this week seems to be busier. Just right after our class in clinical pathology last night, we had our dinner meeting for our PCM presentation this Tuesday. We ended around 9:00 last night. After which, I was still checking some videos and more information that we will be needing over the internet and I was able to sleep at around 2:00 this morning. Though I slept late, I was still unable to finish what I need to do since I was stocked on reading Planet Antares updates. I first read ’bout it just last week also. However, while stumbling with internet sites, I have also read about the Planet Antares Scam. I don’t exactly know if those were true or what. I have talked to one of my friends at that same time also who’s working as vending chat representative regarding the issue coz she was the one who has shared to me lots of information regarding the planet. But she was also surprised to know about the scam.
Oh well, aside from those early morning rest I had this day, I woke up at around 5:00 in the morning to prepare for our shooting and taping for the presentation. Actually, we haven’t decided yet what to present last night but good enough we have finally arranged things this morning. We went to Waterfront Hotel and Ayala shopping mall to shoot and take some photos. We’re almost done at around 1:00 PM.

After those academic drowning, we had our lunch and we then went home. Believe it or not, I just woke up at around 5:30 this afternoon. Whew! I was really tired. But my day isn’t done yet with that waking up after more than 3-hour sleep. Actually, that is still the beginning of new air to take in upon reaching of becoming a doctor.

Tired, as it is but good to know of help. Indeed a very busy weekend. More to come these days.

Mariner Energy Oil Rig Explosion

An oil rig has exploded about 128 kilometres off the coast of Louisiana, throwing 13 people overboard. The Coast Guard has confirmed that all 13 are accounted for and one is injured. They currently await rescue in water immersion suits. The Vermilion Oil Rig 380, which is owned by Houston-based Mariner Energy, was not actively producing any product, but officials could not confirm if there will be any resulting pollution. ~~MaCleans.Ca

Roulette first, before Pharmacology Research Paper

One of the things I hate most of being a woman is the monthly menstruation. Aside from the brain-cracking attacks of migraine, I am experiencing abdominal cramps already as I have noticed the past months. I guess, this is just due to the hormonal changes due to stress.Yeah, abdominal cramps are killing me and dragging me to stay in bed. I don’t want to take pain relievers coz I thought that it can’t give me any good effects. That’s just for me. Every time I walk, my hips really hurts. And my legs can’t carry me anymore. I’m also nauseated. Waaaaaaaaaah!!!I don’t like this feeling coz I still have bundles of things to do not to mention the very workable pharmacology research study that we are conducting now. But I don’t want to work for the research yet. I want to feel de-stressed and empty my mind from hassles. Haha.

Well, I have a great idea, I better play online games coz last night, I discovered new and very interesting online game aside from casino and slots, the online roulette gambling. Honestly, I only have a very little idea what a roulette gambling is and how it has to be done. So maybe, I might end tonight looking for best online roulette sites to be read for me to have more information about it. I might also look for the best online roulette free sites where I can play all day all night tomorrow. So for now, pharmacology research paper just wait for your turn. LOL!



What a very stressful day I had today. We went to another university in the other side of Cebu City, I mean, it’s just almost, not really located somewhere far far from Cebu. I just made it a bit exaggerated since I was feeling real tired and wanting to just sleep the whole night which I should not be. I feel really burdened of something I do not know. It’s like, literally, I’m having with me the whole earth in my shoulder. Atlas, are you me? *sigh*The first thing to do tonight? Hmp. I need to finish my report in Clinical Pathology and must submit it before midnight. Second is the research paper which we haven’t started anything yet and the deadline would be this coming Friday. Think of a whole experimental research wherein even a single letter hasn’t been started arranging yet. Can we make it then? Lastly, but I guess, not the one yet is our Pharmacology assignment which up until now I haven’t read the case yet. Poor little me. I need to be a super girl now to be able to finish all of those for just a night.

But hey, I have to give myself an hour break first before diving to a sea-like drowning things to be done tonight. Hehe. I’ll blog.

By the way, along the way at around 8:00 PM when we’re mobiling home, I was seating in the front seat of the taxi, and looking far far beyond the horizon above and nothing else to imagine but the life beyond the planet earth. At that very moment, the traffic made us stay for 10 minutes in the middle of the street, so I had the fullest time to imagine beyond my existence. Hehe. After more than 2 minutes of flowery and cloud 9-like life there, I remembered Planet Antares which is very far from the Earth. I was thinking to fly then there, stay for 3 days and will blog about The Earth and Planet Antares Comparison, A 3-Day Voyage. Isn’t it exciting? Wohoooo!!! Just after I said wohoo, my companion told me to pay for the fare. LOL!

I think, I have to work now with school stuffs. Smiley