What a very stressful day I had today. We went to another university in the other side of Cebu City, I mean, it’s just almost, not really located somewhere far far from Cebu. I just made it a bit exaggerated since I was feeling real tired and wanting to just sleep the whole night which I should not be. I feel really burdened of something I do not know. It’s like, literally, I’m having with me the whole earth in my shoulder. Atlas, are you me? *sigh*The first thing to do tonight? Hmp. I need to finish my report in Clinical Pathology and must submit it before midnight. Second is the research paper which we haven’t started anything yet and the deadline would be this coming Friday. Think of a whole experimental research wherein even a single letter hasn’t been started arranging yet. Can we make it then? Lastly, but I guess, not the one yet is our Pharmacology assignment which up until now I haven’t read the case yet. Poor little me. I need to be a super girl now to be able to finish all of those for just a night.

But hey, I have to give myself an hour break first before diving to a sea-like drowning things to be done tonight. Hehe. I’ll blog.

By the way, along the way at around 8:00 PM when we’re mobiling home, I was seating in the front seat of the taxi, and looking far far beyond the horizon above and nothing else to imagine but the life beyond the planet earth. At that very moment, the traffic made us stay for 10 minutes in the middle of the street, so I had the fullest time to imagine beyond my existence. Hehe. After more than 2 minutes of flowery and cloud 9-like life there, I remembered Planet Antares which is very far from the Earth. I was thinking to fly then there, stay for 3 days and will blog about The Earth and Planet Antares Comparison, A 3-Day Voyage. Isn’t it exciting? Wohoooo!!! Just after I said wohoo, my companion told me to pay for the fare. LOL!

I think, I have to work now with school stuffs. Smiley



I am a SUPERGIRL! — 5 Comments

  1. sometimes i get lost in my thoughts and then i just stare into space and day dream.. LOL! as long as there's no weird expression on face when day dreaming then u're good.. lol