Needs a Plumber?

Then call your local plumber – the one licensed and capable of doing all your needed plumbing services – Water Heaters and Sewer Repair.
Anybody, now a days, can easily fix things at home trying to do things by themselves using synthetic products especially on sewer repairing. However, doing things like this is much of bulk problems than easily and directly calling a plumber. Hassles are less and sure to have a good results. Plumbers troubleshoot any sewage system and will give the perfect repair options and benefits to ones sewage systems. Some of the plumbing services are sewer line snaking and hydro jetting to clear blocked lines. Plumbers also use trenchless sewer repair method like pipe bursting and pipe realigning for more serious problems. When instances like sewage failures, plumbers can replace the faulty pipes.
Regarding water tanks problems like having a leaky tank, insufficient hot water, or no hot water at all, the local plumbers can repair or replace your heater. Plumbers stock an extensive inventory of hot water heaters, including tankless models, so there will be no delay for special orders. Getting on to the local plumbers any time, night or day, is a good thing to do to get the hot water flowing again.
Problems on leaking water and natural gas leaks can spell disaster in short order. Buildings can be damaged quickly from water leaks. Even if one will dry up all the water, might never know if problems would still get back over and over again. Gas leaks are even worse because of possible explosions. The local plumbers is just a call away and sure they’ll find the leaks. Depending on the extent of the problem, plumbers can repair or replace leaky pipes.
Plumbers are available 24/7 anytime, day or night, and even on holidays and weekends. No automated costumer service representative online, but real person to answer the phone and dispatch one of the on-call technicians. No automated system and waiting hours, or days, for a return call or services, but immediate instead. Local plumbers are only a phone call away during the next plumbing problem.

Happy 50th Anniversary Flinstones!

Undeniably, I am one living fan of THE FLINSTONES even up to now! Smiley

I remember, my mum used to buy vitamins that looked like flinstones before so we could just make fun while taking those pills. Haha. For now, I am celebrating GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF FLINSTONES!!! Happy Anniversary Flinstones!!!


Wanna Ride?

All of my life, I had been wanting wheels but just my ultimate VOX. No other cars, but just VOX!
Lately, I and M argued what car to be purchased first, conjugal, as he said. I said, I don’t know. Maybe could have the more sporty to look at and could survive for haggard adventurous trips coz both of want to do challenging trips.
We had good talks about that. But, I was just super surprised when he said, what about Lexus SC430?

My eyes were drooling.

Could you imagine lexus in a very muddy, stoney, grassy area running down there? OMG! My voice toned even higher saying “are you ok?“. LOL! I really asked that to M. Then he was just laughing. What a silly boyfriend I have.

Well, I intentionally checked over the internet about that lexus model he said. Gosh! I got a heart over it then, but still, VOX is what I prefer more than lexus. Hehe.

You guys wanna ride with me? LOL! Smiley

George Blanda, NFL great, dead at 83

George Blanda, the Hall of Fame quarterback and kicker who played a record 26 seasons of professional football and once almost single-handedly won five consecutive games for the Oakland Raiders, has died. He was 83. More>>
Blanda played so long that he had what amounted to three N.F.L. careers. He spent 10 years with the Chicago Bears, but retired when they tried to make him solely a kicker, and then seven more with the Houston Oilers of the upstart A.F.L. When the Oilers decided he was finished in 1967, he joined the Raiders and played nine more seasons. He wound up in the Hall of Fame with a reputation as one of the greatest clutch performers in football history. More>>

Usher: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love ft. Pitbull

When I first heard this song, I told myself that I need to have my nightlife back again. Not with casinos, but with bars – disco bars. I miss the ledge. I think, this is just the breakthrough of being a medical student. Though I really enjoyed being such, sometimes, I admit, I really missed those being an undergraduate student – a normal college student. Smiley

And this is my fave line from the lyrics of the song:

So we back in the club
Get that bodies rockin from side to side (side to side)
Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back to life)
Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up
No control of my body
Ain’t I seen you before?
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

Anyway, happy listening guys! And I hope you’ll enjoy my perks this week. Happy MM!

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Brandon Davis is Not Dead in Explosion

Brandon Davis, the Hollywood socialite, is not dead. Brandon Davis of Los Angeles has not died in a Las Vegas gas station explosion. The confusion started after news that Brandon Davis, a 26 year old, was confirmed dead yesterday in Vegas gas station explosion. However, it’s a different person. The notable socialite Brandon Davis, whose real name is not Davis but Zarif, is not 26 years either. More >>

However, Fox news said:

The Clark County Coroner’s Office on Friday identified a man found inside the rubble of a North Las Vegas gas station as 26-year-old Brandon Davis. More >>


Lock Her!

And do nothing!

It’s none of those you are thinking of!

Mmm.. You might be thinking of LOVE, right?

It’s not about love, actually. It’s a simple thing of locking my roommate inside my locker our room. Great plan. Isn’t it? Haha. I was really pissed of with her when she was about to transfer here in my room because she did it late night – exactly 10:14 PM last Wednesday night. Together with her mum, they were knocking on my door while I was taking some rest, sleeping to be specific. When I opened the door, her mum was even asking me why I opened the door late. The she checked my locker, she even said that it looks like just an ordinary school lockers like when she was still in college because it was small. I didn’t mind her. I just slept back. After minutes of talking, her mum took all her things from outside and was trying to put all of those in my wood lockers, which are larger, more elegant, well arranged and neat. I asked her mum what is she doing with my lockers, she just said that she’ll be getting out from it my things so she could put her daughter’s things there. What da!!!!
My blood pressure suddenly raised! Undoubtedly I told her those are my lockers and I intentionally bought those for me to have. I even suggested her to just check the malls in that late night coz there might still be available lockers for sale. Who knows? Right?

I was kind’a pathetic that time. I was just pissed off!

For now, I want my roommate to be locked in my locker!


“Everyone with the Broncos is shocked and saddened by the loss of Kenny McKinley,” Pat Bowlen, owner of the NFL team, said in a statement. “He was part of the Broncos’ family and will be greatly missed by our organization. My most heartfelt condolences go out to Kenny’s family and friends.”


Kenny McKinley, whom, if you’re a fan of NFL know as the Denver Broncos’ wide receiver, was found dead on Monday.

The police found the player’s body after they were alerted by a call.

I want KACHING!!!

With the flooding, but never been drowning, air transportation promos which are really tempting for me to fly to anywhere, I do not know if I could still have the full control with my budget. Smiley I am shaking every time a post master is dropping an envelope outside our gate. I do not know how much my bills would be again month after month. It’s giving me a migraine, much more that the semester is yet to end and sure to have a lot of hang-outs coming. I am really in risk budgeting now. Though I have my tickets for planned flights with M, I do not know where to steal for my pocket money. I can’t let M pay for everything since he already been throwing cash since last August when he had his vacation here then the last time I flew, he was the one who paid everything. And for this coming October, I am somehow ashamed if I still let him pay for all my expenses. Though he doesn’t want me to cost much, personally, I am of guilt that what’s left with him is just a few from his savings. Smiley

Kaching is what I need and a real good budget manager.

Let’s Call it A DATE.

Lately, M was thinking of having a vacation again but that would be for next year. Same as last month, that would be a 15-day vacation. I remember, he asked me once if it would be alright with me if we could have it out of the Philippines. For me, yes. But, I guess, for now, it would still be impossible since for next year, my being a medical student would be more hectic than this year. Our classes will start by May 2011. He further asked if we could have even just 5 to 7 days together abroad. I was hesitant to say either yes or no. But with my excitement, I didn’t tell him that I also checked some good place over the internet where to have a vacation with hubby.

One Filipina friend of mine in Australia shared that she and her Aussie hubby once had a vacation in South California, specifically in Myrtle Beach Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. She even showed me some of there photos. Upon looking at it, I was kind’a interested though for me, such impossible yet to be there, so she was also sharing to me how her hubby had the Myrtle Beach hotel reservations done. Since her husband has been used to traveling abroad, my friend is of no worries, as she said, when it comes to those things ‘coz she’s sure enough that her hubby knew what she usually wants when it comes to vacations. And the Myrtle Beach Accommodations, according to her, are worth staying and coming back.

After checking it online, the, is indeed a great place to have a date. But I do not know when can I be there. Smiley