Tax Free Weekend NC 2010

Shop and enjoy the Tax Free Weekend in NC 2010. North Carolina is giving Aug. 6 to 8, 2010 a tax break.

Tax Free Weekend applies to:
* Clothing, footwear, and school supplies under $100
* Sports and recreation equipment under $50
* Computers under $3,500
* Computer equipment under $250

How I wish there’s something like this here in the Philippines! Smiley


Tax Free Weekend NC 2010 — 8 Comments

  1. I want to shop too, been shopping a lot lately but so many nice things to buy, how to stop right? He he…

  2. Yeah la waiting for Tito B to settle down, still running around doing work stuff now he he…

  3. wow! ka nice guro kung tax free! hehehe. dako guro ato madawat na sweldo k wala kaltas