SLOTS, Canceled!

Thanked God It was a great Friday AGAIN!

As expected, Friday is a Fly day! And indeed, we really flew last Friday. Unexpectedly, we were able to fly to Bohol, the City of Chocolate Hills.Our trip was the most unexpected, most emergency trips I had ever. This was what had happened. Our class was around 3:00PM, but we just went home around 4:30PM ‘coz we still met with our groupmates for some academic talks. Later, as soon as I arrived home, one of my classmates, Jay Mineth, asked me through FB chat if we could fly to Bohol on that day. Then I said, we can. Of without any hesitations, we really flew at around 6:30 PM on Friday to Bohol. We just had 24 hours of travel and visits to most of the Bohol’s pride ‘coz at around 6:30 PM yesterday, we also departed Bohol to Cebu. We’re like super girls. We only slept 3 hours in the hotel where we stayed. For the photos, I’ll be posting little by little in my personal blog.

See? Haha. We were three who left Cebu for Bohol. All of our planned dinner with the class, shopping, dates, hang outs were canceled. Even my slots online session and date with Oshi were canceled. Phew! I am supposed to have my thorough and rigid slot machine practice before our examinations will start ‘coz semestral break is also coming. Thence, casino is waiting for me. Hehe. With regards to Oshi, I could only be having a date with him daily but for just an hour or two. Off course, I am missing him so much so I need to spare extra time for him. In fact, yesterday, I was suppose to bring him in Bohol, but he’s too heavy, so he was just left alone here in my room.

Well, maybe I’ll just look for other holiday schedules in the month of September for Oshi alone.

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