SLOTS Anywhere, Anytime!

I have said earlier that I am a bad girlfriend because of being hard-headed and stubborn one. I opted to play casino online rather than studying. Sometimes, I thought of just keeping Oshi in the locker or leaving him at home, but hey, I still miss him. Haha.
Well, aside from online casino which made me an addict, another game that I am longing to play the past days is the slot machines. It’s just so easy to play. Anybody doesn’t have to be a great gambler enough to play or having high knowledge with gambling itself, but all you have is money to gamble.

Hey hey hey. I am not a gambler and I don’t have flowing dollars to gamble. I am just getting addicted with slot machines. Actually, there are a lot of free online games, to be specific, slot machines and casinos online that I am playing. But sometimes, my hands are itching to touch real slot machines. Haha. So I go anywhere at anytime. There goes my being me again. And then, M starts to wrinkle his forehead in front of me without any talks. Weeeeh! Whata girl am I?

Whew! Before the week ends, his vacation will end, thence he’ll be flying back in Manila and so I could do whatever I could there. LOL! By then, SLOTS are anywhere, anytime.

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