43rd Amazing Birthday

Happy Birthday Ate Grace!!!

As one of my great gifts, I just wanna join in your amazing birthday contest.

Here’s the mechanics for those who wanted to join:

How to Join
1. Blog about the contest with the title Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest!
2. Copy the Prizes , Mechanics and the the list of Sponsors below.
3. Place the link of my other blogs in your blog list: A Walk to Remember, GraciaFashioista, kids turf and A Bucket of Wisdom.
4. Shout the Contest on Facebook.
5. Return to the contest page and leave the URL of your entry.

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Have fun guys!

What’s your BRAIN like?

Your Brain is Logical

You are a very facts and figures oriented person. You don’t get clouded by emotion. I think so too..

You like to understand how things work, and you’re always collecting data of some sort. This is really true.. Smiley

You are a critical thinker. You are look at all the facts before you make a decision. Yeah.. I do!

You aren’t likely to change your mind once it’s made up, but new facts could sway you – emotional appeals could not. In fact, a lot has been telling me that I am having as hard as stone heart in SOME situations ‘coz when mind needs to stand over everything, I would be one of those who has as hard steal heart.

What’s Your Brain Like?

SLOTS Anywhere, Anytime!

I have said earlier that I am a bad girlfriend because of being hard-headed and stubborn one. I opted to play casino online rather than studying. Sometimes, I thought of just keeping Oshi in the locker or leaving him at home, but hey, I still miss him. Haha.
Well, aside from online casino which made me an addict, another game that I am longing to play the past days is the slot machines. It’s just so easy to play. Anybody doesn’t have to be a great gambler enough to play or having high knowledge with gambling itself, but all you have is money to gamble.

Hey hey hey. I am not a gambler and I don’t have flowing dollars to gamble. I am just getting addicted with slot machines. Actually, there are a lot of free online games, to be specific, slot machines and casinos online that I am playing. But sometimes, my hands are itching to touch real slot machines. Haha. So I go anywhere at anytime. There goes my being me again. And then, M starts to wrinkle his forehead in front of me without any talks. Weeeeh! Whata girl am I?

Whew! Before the week ends, his vacation will end, thence he’ll be flying back in Manila and so I could do whatever I could there. LOL! By then, SLOTS are anywhere, anytime.

If only..

One of the most fascinating branch in Mathematics to study is Algebra which, for now, I wish to study. It’s not that I haven’t learned any from those times, but I just miss how to divide simple equations presenting it in a standard form or slope formula.

Before, it is used to be one such difficult subject to take. But once learned, I realized numbers are just so simple and easy to handle upon. Comparing it to any field of sciences, most specifically, biology, which is subsequently dynamic, I’d rather chose being a mathematician then.

For less than 24 hours from now, we’ll be having an examination in our Pharmacology and Microbiology, yet I haven’t had run through reviews with it all since every time I look at my notes, I curled in. If only studying medicine is as simple as manipulating numbers like in algebra, I couldn’t ask for more books and extra time to study. Yeah! Honestly, every time I start to stare at my books, I could only imagine those junior high school years wherein I just used to play and throw jokes while attending algebra classes.

I’m a BAD Girlfriend

OMG! I can’t exactly remember when my last casino session was. Smiley It just suddenly jumped into my mind – casino, since I already miss having a date with Oshi. You know, it’s the only genuine time I could spend with Oshi. Haha.

At this very moment, while M is still sleeping, I am checking again my expertise with online casino ‘coz I have already forgotten those online blackjack strategies. Haha. Actually, he doesn’t want me to play casino anymore, even just online. I tell you, he doesn’t have any vices. Haha. What a very good boy, such opposite with Gagay. LOL! Well, indeed OPPOSITE ATTRACTS. Smiley In fact, once I throw him a joke that I’ll be bringing him and play real casino. But off course, I need to teach him first online blackjack strategies so when we get to play real casino, he could be better than I. However, my joke turned to be a non-sense argument. Haha. I’m bad! I want my boy to play casino though he doesn’t want to.

Before he slept last night, he told me to disconnect my internet connection so I could study the whole night and he’ll just sleep. I told him that he could anytime. But I guess he’s really good that he left me message saying that he can’t stop me from what I am happy with..as long as I am happy and not to take for granted my studies. Ohhhh! What a lovely boyfriend.

But hey! Just because of my being stubborn girlfriend, I still had my run down with online blackjack strategies so when he gets back to his work, I could play all along. LOL!

How To Save a Life: Boyce Avenue

I still can’t deny that I miss one of the best buddies I have had in my life.

I miss you, you know who you are.. And this song is for you!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava’s Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

I chose Boyce Avenue’s version ‘coz for me it’s more emotional to listen this song from a guy who’s much in-love with his girl. Smiley


Happy MM guys!

Let’s Work School Work

Tomorrow is the fourth day of holiday in our school. However, a lot of school paper works need to be done before Tuesday, August 24, 2010. Phew! SmileyOne of the paper works to be done is our research paper in Pharmacology. We haven’t finalize yet what our topics to be submitted ‘coz, believe it or not, our group is the most delinquent of all the groups in the class. I am just the only lassy in our group comprising of 4 where all of them are guys. Every time we talk of research papers, we always end up talking non sense things. We always come up with nothing, but joke talks.

Things as high as this are what I need to do.
Aside from that, I still have to process some pertinent papers which needs to be submitted to the college of medicine the soonest. I have to do document scanning, faxing some to my previous school – in college and in my last medical school attended. Whew!See? That’s how I need to work all my school works. Anybody would want to help me?


Harold Dow DEAD Unexpectedly

According to CBS, Harold Dow died UNEXPECTEDLY on Saturday at the age of 62. Harold Dow is the CBS veteran correspondent.

He has been the CBS correspondent for almost 40 years. A five-time Emmy winner and 48 Hours correspondent since the program’s inception, Dow covered everything from the kidnapping of Patty Hearst to American involvement in Bosnia.

A Peabody and Edward R. Murrow Award winner, Dow was the first network news reporter to interview O.J. Simpson after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. According to the CBS press release announcing Dow’s passing, the reporter narrowly escaped one of the falling twin towers during his coverage of the September 11 terror attacks.

When 48 Hours premiered as a television news series on CBS in 1988, it took its name from the 1986 documentary 48 Hours On Crack Street.

Dow’s work was featured in the documentary and he has been a part of the series since its debut.

Tax Free Weekend NC 2010

Shop and enjoy the Tax Free Weekend in NC 2010. North Carolina is giving Aug. 6 to 8, 2010 a tax break.

Tax Free Weekend applies to:
* Clothing, footwear, and school supplies under $100
* Sports and recreation equipment under $50
* Computers under $3,500
* Computer equipment under $250

How I wish there’s something like this here in the Philippines! Smiley

Literally SICK.

I had been suffering from high fever, colds, migraine and allergic rhinitis (not to mention my ethmoidal sinusitis) the past 4 consecutive days. In fact, I was able to be absent from my classes since last Monday afternoon and on Tuesday, the whole day. Just because I thought and wanted to get well the soonest, I double dosed all my medicines – anti-histamine, except for my migraine. And as a result, I slept the whole Monday afternoon, night and Tuesday whole day. If I wasn’t reminded by my classmate, I forgot I still have a more than 100-paged examination on Wednesday.Aside from that exam, I also forgot the school paper works to be done and also my online articles to be submitted. Whew! And here goes one of my cousins asking for a published article like those of the Article Alley but specifically on science of gene technology.

I got a lot of papers and pen tasks to do. But with those exams, and being sick, Smiley I don’t know if I could still make all my assignments done on time. It’s definitely of not getting old enough to forget those work but I was just literally sick. Smiley