Is Blackjack really Black?

Hey I am not referring to Blackjack the local singer that he’s black, but the addiction of mine – to play online blackjack. Up until now, I can’t seem to understand why blackjack is called black. Is he really black? Is the card really black? Haha. I guess so. Let me post some images of blackjack.

Oh yeah! He’s really black. Jack on cards is really black. Smiley

Anyways, I got a lot of scheduled online games to play after blogging. Hehe. I made it more organized to do all my addictions before lunchtime making casino, slots and to play online blackjack as those on the top priorities. After lunch, I’ll be studying and will be preparing for school. Isn’t it a good thing? I mean, off course, before studying, one should make his or her mind ready to absorb and capture all those things to be studied like playing online games as what I used to do. As I have been telling, these things are just some of those that could make me feel relaxed when I am just at home with Oshi.
But, I am not really good at playing blackjack still. I usually play slots, then casino and blackjack. I just play blackjack when I am with some blogging friends from Davao coz they are teaching me how to play it the best way. Hehe. Though I am addicted to these, I am still not a certified gambler because, most of the time, I settle for free games. What a great idea. It’s better for me since I am not a full time player of these, I just do play all of those when really depressed. That’s why I opted to settle for free online games. I didn’t install free applications to Oshi coz I feel and think it’s more challenging to play it online than just with Oshi. Haha.

Have a great playful day today!!!

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