If only..

One of the most fascinating branch in Mathematics to study is Algebra which, for now, I wish to study. It’s not that I haven’t learned any from those times, but I just miss how to divide simple equations presenting it in a standard form or slope formula.

Before, it is used to be one such difficult subject to take. But once learned, I realized numbers are just so simple and easy to handle upon. Comparing it to any field of sciences, most specifically, biology, which is subsequently dynamic, I’d rather chose being a mathematician then.

For less than 24 hours from now, we’ll be having an examination in our Pharmacology and Microbiology, yet I haven’t had run through reviews with it all since every time I look at my notes, I curled in. If only studying medicine is as simple as manipulating numbers like in algebra, I couldn’t ask for more books and extra time to study. Yeah! Honestly, every time I start to stare at my books, I could only imagine those junior high school years wherein I just used to play and throw jokes while attending algebra classes.

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