Casino Games on Natioal Heroes Day

After the 24-hour emergency trip we had last Friday until Saturday, I went home with an empty pocket. Tellin’ you, literal empty pocket. I really had no cash. My debit card was already less than 100PhP credits yesterday. And since it’s still a very long weekend plus the holiday today, National Heroes Day, I only have coins here in my purse which I need to extend these until tomorrow morning. I guess, this is a good reason for force bad dieting. Haha.Oh well, with all my empty wallet, purses and cards, I guess, staying at home with Oshi, swollen left upper eyelid and with books and notes, is the best thing to do. But but but, I have to unwind a bit by not forgetting to play the best casino games online on this holiday Monday morning.

Whaaat da?!?! Playing the best casino games on National Heroes Day? Haha. Isn’t it sounds good? It is!!! I feel really relaxed. In fact, sometimes, I even feel that I am really in casino halls even just am playing the best casino games online. I feel like one of the great gamblers in the world, haha, especially when I win. Is there anybody there wants to beat me? Never hesitate guys to, ‘coz surely you’ll win. LOL! Honestly, I’m not really good at this. I am just making playing casino games online as one of my anti-depressants ‘coz after I hit some turns, or I lose a number of times, at least I could easily turn Oshi off. Haha. No heartaches then. LOL!

So, anybody wants to play casino games with me? Come come come! Haha.

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