New House, New Kitchen!

Last summer, before the start of our classes, I was looking for apartments where I could stay the rest of my medical study years here in Cebu. One of the criterion of the apartment that I was looking for is to have it a spacious kitchen for my personalized kitchen appliances.
I am not really good at cooking, but at least I know how to make cooking a good thing. Haha!
Yeah, I’ve found one apartment where I could have my own microwave oven for yummy chicken meals. I was also trying to fix with blenders for my desserts and off course, not to forget refrigerators to keep my mouth-watering prepared desserts.

However, when I asked for the monthly payment, I would more or less pay 20,000.00 PhP. Whew! That’s too costly for a medical student. Even my mum didn’t nod yes with what I have told her ’bout that extravagant spacious apartment I have found. Thence, we looked again in other places and ending up with a house where I could only share a kitchen with my other housemates. Though a bit small, at least I could still do all my undone food frustrations from my cookbooks. LOL! Smiley


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