Mom Said.. early as now, you have to save your money for the future, emergency cases else, you know what to do.
This is what my mum has been telling me because every time I withdraw from paypal and before my bank provider has transferred into my card, I already have my lists of what to buy that sometimes the costs are much higher than my expected money. Smiley

With my blogging and other online money making jobs, I honestly don’t have income protection insurance. By now, what I earn is what I go happy for! Just as simple as that!


Mom Said.. — 4 Comments

  1. Actually my grandma, not my mom, cause my grandma was like my mom.. 😀 Yeah, she says that to me all the time before, and now I always tell Chakai to save her money.. 😀

  2. Payday is nice, isn't it? 🙂 hehe anyway, happy blogging GG and here's to more kaching for us! 😀