Coppa Bambino of Gelatissimo in Ayala Center Cebu City

There was only one promised we took to ourselves when I and four of my classmates from University of the Philippines Mindanao after having the pocket-emptying Coppa Bambino of Gelatissimo in Ayala Center here in Cebu City last 31st of May this year, and it is not to have it again unless just after a year again. This means that we could only have Gelatissimo, specifically Coppa Bambino a year after we had it, so that would be next year May 31, 2012.

Right after the ice cream was served. Still yummy to look at!

Why I said it’s pocket-emptying? Coppa Bambino is a preparation of 36 different flavors of ice creams and such a costly ice cream for a medical students like most of us five (5). In fact, that time, I just brought with me less than a thousand bill but I still ended up using my debit card because I all my cash were spent with the foods and most of it were for the ice cream. Good thing I was able to check my debit card status, the cash advance I applied two (2) weeks before the day we’re supposed to meet or else, I might end up walking home from Ayala Center.

Proof of billing. LOL!
Aside from the fact that our pockets were all empty, we found the ice cream not creamy anymore when we’re almost fourth-way eating it. Because of the mixed flavors when in less than thirty-minutes (30) each 36 ice cream scoops melted, one cannot identify such flavor from the other. Just imagine a vomitus of different colors. LOL!

After 10 minutes, it because a soup of different flavors of ice cream. Haha.

Phew! In general, the coppa bambino has made us smile and bloated. That’s for sure! No doubt! But only we don’t want to have it again this year!


Coppa Bambino of Gelatissimo in Ayala Center Cebu City — 10 Comments

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