Women Farming Fashion

Since my summer vacation here in our province is not that good because of rotating brown out and very wet and cold weather. One fair day, my sister asked me to have some good times in our farm because it was also the last day of harvesting. There, we brought Didong, our nephew, our cousin, Maggie and our tita, my mum’s cousin, Basil.
Personally, I had a great time spending even less than an hour there because after more than a year, it was only that day that I got to visit our farm again. Haha. With my best eco-fashioned gear, I got to get rid of mosquitoes and leeches in the farm and from the little heat of the sun. In fact, it’s not just me having the women fashion trendy farming gear there, but also my sister and cousin actually. Hehe.

With my cousin, Maggie. At the back are some palm oil trees.
Am holding some loose fruits of palm oil trees.
My elder sister, Wewee and Didong.

After taking some good photos there, LOL, we went home. I just realized that what I was wearing made me slender a bit. Hehe. It’s indeed good to look at those cool figure flattering clothes just like what I wore. See? I look so slim. Smiley


Women Farming Fashion — 2 Comments

  1. yup, you look sexy!

    the atmosphere back there seem to be peaceful and green 🙂 i love it.