Tom Cruise DEAD?

I was doing my 100 Questions, 100 Truths blog post earlier when I stumbled upon a Google trendy news saying that TOM CRUISE is DEAD.


But well, those were just freakin’ news spreading in this early afternoon. It has no truths at all! Oh yeah, this made my day somehow pissed off plus an early reminder from my cousin who wants me to buy her small flag of the Philippines which she’ll be using this coming Independence Day. I’d already told her that it’d be better for her to buy flags in the flag store in our place. But since my mum visited me here in Cebu City, she just told me to let my mum bring the flag for her. See? Who then won’t be pissed off that I need to roam around Cebu City just to look for small flags? If only there is a Valley Forge Flag store here where anybody could just easily buy any flags, I won’t be more pissed off then. *sigh*


Tom Cruise DEAD? — 8 Comments

  1. nyahah!dili diay kang papa p?ako pod,dili ko layhan niya!hahah!!

    i want derek too!hahaha