Sleeping Driver

So I already have my first owned customized car. Smiley But, as I have said before, it’s still in my dreams. Every time I go to sleep, I always drive it.
Actually, I am not sure yet if my mum will buy me a car for school. This is because, I will be moving to another medical school. At first, my mum doesn’t want me to transfer to new medical school but I insisted. I felt that Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) is not for me neither I do. Smiley
Anyway, going back to my car which my mum planned to buy for me, yes, she offered me brand new honda civic. But I refused again since I am still a student and I think I don’t deserve such costly car by this time. I told my mum that it would be fine with me if I’ll just have used Utah car by now. But what she’s bothered of is the quality of those salt lake city used cars that I am talking ’bout.
I browsed over the internet and at the same time was inquiring from some used Utah car dealers, yet they shared same information like there’s nothing to be worried about in terms of quality since those cars are still of good quality. There is one company, the Reedman Toll Auto, which has been selling used cars since 1954 and has been the top-notched dealers of used cars.
Again, my mum still think of settling for used cars. So, up until now, I can only drive my own car while am sleeping – in my dreams. Smiley



Sleeping Driver — 2 Comments

  1. wah so nice of your mom to buy you a new car GG….hugs mommy for you also .. heheh..

  2. yeah LJ!

    mum wants to buy me car coz am always claiming with my painful sole..LOL!yeah, but that's true..though in hospital duties, we need to walk from ER to ward rooms. :((