Rain rain go away!

Rainy season here in our place is used to be between the months of August and March. However, in this year, up until now, May, it is still raining. Believe it or not, this is the only year which I experience rainy summer. Smiley
This climatic season is actually good but not all the time. For instance, in our farm where we are planting palm oil trees, it doesn’t give any good benefits at all. Palm oil trees doesn’t want watery areas. Rain water usually dump up and even overflow draining into some areas in our farm. During these days, the green healthy leaves of our trees are turning yellow and sometimes real pale. Too bad. And as a result, the trees doesn’t bear big, healthy bunches of fruits rather too small and sometimes doesn’t bear any at all. Smiley

One fair day in our farm during harvest day with not
so healthy bunches of palm oil fruits.
Nevertheless, by the coming end of summer, by next week, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Association (PAGASA) predicted and has forecast in their environment news on TV that here in CARAGA Region will be experiencing normal atmospheric pressure. So, we will be having fine weather here the soonest. Smiley

Please rain, go away now!!! Smiley

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