Late Birthday Greetings: Happy Birthday Didang

Didang’s birthday was on April 17. Since I wasn’t there at home that day, in fact, I was the only member of the family who wasn’t there, I wasn’t able to post about Didang’s 3rd birthday bash. Late though, hope still can be posted. SmileyWhen I got home a week after Didang‘s Birthday, only bundles of photos welcomed me. But only one thing which caught my attention. It was the birthday custom vinyl banners which was used during Didang‘s birthday.

The banner was cute however, I personally don’t like Cinderella. Haha. That’s the only reason why I don’t like the banner of Didang’s birthday. When only I haven’t had preplanned vacay that time, I might have Winnie the Pooh or Lady Gaga banner for Didang. Haha. And more, I will personally make it for her.Nevertheless, Didang, her real first name is ALEXI was happy though she had a rotating brown out birthday that time as so with Didong.

Happy Birthday Didang!!!

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