Just A Reunion: UPMin BioS Batch 2003

After a number of years that the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSBio) Batch 2003 haven’t had a reunion yet. And finally, we found the long-waited, night to be with each others’ laughs last April 30, 2010.

We just met at Dimsum Diner in Torres Street in Davao City where we had our dinner also. Smiley

After making ourselves bloated, we went to K1, videoke and KTV bar to have some sing-a-long moments and had some drinks there. This was one of our used-to-do things in college when hanging out – drinking and singing in a bar. Smiley

After those sweet talks, jokes, songs and drinks together in a KTV, we decided to get some shisha. Most of my classmates haven’t tried shisha yet, so I let them breathe vanilla-flavored yet deoxygenated air. LOL!

A night with them made me reminisce all those memories we had in college – in UPMindanao. However, I was just kind’a upset after these photos were posted in facebook since a number of people (friends, though, who’re not from UPMindanao) commented negatively like I just have nothing to do but to drink. Too bad to think that they don’t know who really am I yet just easily could make a word out of an album of a night with college friends.
Thence, one of my classmates in medicine, from Silliman University throw me a joke days after she read those comments in my facebook. She said I might need to undergo drug rehab or alcohol rehab because of that or maybe she can pay for my alcohol treatment. We’re just laughing then.
Just think of this, would medical schools accept me, nor my parents if I’d been very addictive to alcohols?


Just A Reunion: UPMin BioS Batch 2003 — 15 Comments

  1. Great pics sweetie and sounds like an unforgettable reunion! Party on!!!

  2. I have to mandi now GG, glad I got to chop before leaving, happy Sunday!!

  3. Wow! Look so much fun! I have been few reunion parties myself. Oh all the memories (and trying to impress each others). LOL

  4. Yaan mo na… baka wala pa yan sa lugar nila… jowk! nyahahahahhaha… sarap kaya shisha… hehehehhehehe… great get together with classmates…

  5. it looks like you had a blast GG. You look as sexy as ever in those shorts Wow. I am glad you had a chance to have some fun and not just all school work.