I’ll Go with AIGO!

Believe it or not, I only captured a few photos that are of excellent quality to be posted in all of my blogs because my Sony Digital Camera’s LCD is not functioning good already.
My mum suggested me to better buy digital camera first than those vacation escapes. Hehe. She said that those places won’t either hide or run as long as I have my own camera already since I still won’t be happy then if I don’t have camera with me.
Well, she had a point. But I still go for all my pre-planned vacays before the June 2010 classes start. Hehe. I might get the two at a time. What do you think? Haha. In fact, I have already browsed over the internet some cheaper yet of good specs digital camera. Lucky enough I found aigo digital cameras. It’s so cool to look at. Handy too and so cheap. The specs are good also.
This is the Aigo Digital Camera.
And more, while browsing for a camera, I stumbled upon other aigo stuffs like the aigo mp5 and aigo glide mouse. I rather show you some photos. And tell me your ideas.
Aigo MP5 player
Aigo Glide Mouse

So, what do you think of these aigo stuffs?


I’ll Go with AIGO! — 5 Comments

  1. GP!!!yayks!you made this!LOL!

    yeah!i think i need to buy camera..huhuhu!!! thanks GP!

  2. thanks dai!i want this talaga..dunno yet how much..they actually has 12mpx..huhu!i want the cam!