Goodbye Blogging

For the past days, I have been worried with my cash or credit vacation drama ‘coz in less than a week, my 2010 summer vacation would be over. Our classes will definitely starts this coming June 7. By then, I could say that I wouldn’t have any time to free myself from stresses, but only this summer.
With these dilemma, up until I am sleeping, I don’t have any thing to think of but cash and credits. In fact, just last night, I was dreaming of being surrounded with gold bullion in my room. Smiley They were really shining and shimmering inside my room. Nyahaha!!!
As I woke up this morning, those gold bullion coins really bothered me. I was thinking then to buy gold bullion that are for real. Oh yeah, I was thinking also that what if I have just a number of bullion with me? Smiley Surely, it would be a “GOODBYE BLOGGING” to me anymore. Haha.

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