E-books, Photocopied Books or Original Books?

Medical doctors and practitioners who are in academe also really suggested to have each medical students their own medical books to bring and read, individually. However, no one can deny that in this new era, everything is very costly. Each medical student prefers the cheaper ones, just like me, personally.
In a year of studying medicine, I have found out that there are some instances that e-books (electronic books) are the most practical means of having books in medical school. Hard bound, original, laser printed clear pages of books are of far most expensive than e-books. In fact, there are a number of website which are providing each medical students free medical e-books.
On the other hand, there are still numbers of students who are considering just the photocopies of books. Though the images are not clear since colored photocopying is definitely costly than those black/white photocopies. In fact, I once sent some jokes to my classmates that I’m gonna stop medical schooling and I’ll just have my own business in photocopying – gotta buy canon copier, black/white and canon color copiers. Smiley

Well, for me, I consider the three ‘coz they are useful in different ways. Sometimes, settling with photocopies of some pages of books is better than buying the whole book itself. In other times, e-books are useful in terms of animated medical lessons. But most of the time, real hard copies of books are the most convenient by far.


E-books, Photocopied Books or Original Books? — 4 Comments

  1. Ah.. don't you just love the internet.. everything and anything is there 🙂

  2. yeah!indeed everything and anything are available..however, not all the time are facts.. :(( mostly are scams.