Summer Camping

Summer has just started. It’s supposed to be a time – a season for vacation and fun. However, with the rotating brown-outs and a very wet (a rainy days) summer season that we are experiencing, personally, I can’t consider it a very enjoyable one.
Before, when I was a kid, I remember every summer vacation, I and my three siblings used to enroll in a summer science caming or classes. But now that they are already done with our schooling, except me, haha, we really missed those days that we are on chemistry summer classes.
But these days, summer math classes are not necessarily needed anymore because of the chemistry help, chemistry problems and physics problems online services that are very available and affordable. In fact, it’s availability is 24/7 which means anytime when a kid or a student needs math assistance, is ready to teach the students. Thence, I asked my mum if I could still enroll in a tutorial center on medicine. LOL! She just laugh. Hehe.


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