Scott Kay Jewelry Takes Luxury to a New Level

Scott Kay is one of the premier jewelry designers in the United States. With his intricate designs and extreme attention to detail, Scott Kay has been on over 200 television shows, including NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America. Scott is skilled in the fashion, bridal, and marketing businesses, which make him a true star in the jewelry world.

Scott Kay jewelry is luxurious and high end. Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Brook Shields, Tisha Martin-Campbell, and even Michael Jordan have been seen wearing Scott Kay designs. The Scott Kay company is thrilled with the celebrity notice and hopes to keep the jewelry brand as “high end.” With so much attention and dedication put into the crafting and design of the fine jewelry, it’s nice to have celebrities and those “in the know” wearing Scott Kay’s jewelry.Scott Kay is credited for the resurgence of platinum in the United States. With initials designs done in gold, Scott turned his attention to the precious platinum that had long been forgotten in America. Now, Scott Kay is highly respected in the jewelry industry for bringing platinum back into the spotlight. The Platinum Guild International rewarded Scott with their highest honor for two consecutive years. Scott Kay is sought after by many consumers.

With appearance on the wedding series broadcast by the Today show and Good Morning America, Scott Kay bridal jewelry has really made a splash. Scott Kay Platinum is now America’s most requested bridal jewelry. You can find Scott Kay fine jewelry, including bridal collections, in hundreds of higher end jewelry stores nationwide. You can also catch Scott Kay’s national advice column called “Ask Scott Kay” which appears in the most read bridal magazines in the country and nearly 40 other publications.


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