Kenet is eew!

I left Kenet in Davao City more than a year already. When I arrived home last month, I was just so glad that she still didn’t forget her mommy. Yayks! Smiley

However, I was somehow disappointed seeing her with lotsa ticks and lice. So eew!!! I don’t even want to get near to her because of those. Even in her face, I can see a lot of lice running across her eyes. I supposed to bring her here in our house in our farm, but I do not know, am not really sure, if she would like the weather here since it’s always raining here unlike in Davao City that it’s almost no rain there. I was just worried if she would get sick if she’d be here.

Thence, my sister asked me to bring her in her vet med, but since I fell eewed seeing her, I opted to buy dog supplies online like her shampoos and soaps for her. I chose it rather bringing her in the pet shop for new dog supplies since it’s cheaper and there are a lot of discount dog supplies available.

By now, I am thinking of whether bringing her here or not. Dunno yet!


Kenet is eew! — 13 Comments

  1. Poor Kenet, get her clean of the lice and ticks and what not.. then groom her back to fluffiness, then only bring her with u he he! 🙂