I’m getting married..

I was watching Dallas, TX All Star NBA replay game when my mobile phone rings. It shows nothing but only an unknown number. When I answered the phone, it was Yeba calling. I am calling my boyfriend as Yeba. Smiley
He was just actually asking how I was coz he will be arriving then from Texas. He told me he has something very important to tell me and to give me as a pressie as soon as he arrives home. Smiley With not more than eight (8) hours, he arrived. Thence, he never hesitated to hand me a very cutie box with a diamond ring inside it and asked me whether to marry him or not. I cried. Speechless. Nothing to do but nod. Smiley

Making the thrilling story short, I’ll be getting married. Whew!!!Before I slept, I arranged his baggage and packages. Thence I found out he bought the diamond ring from Dallas Pawn Shops. And more, I have found a pair of diamond earrings which was still clipped and packed from Austin Pawn Shops. Haha. That time, Yeba was already asleep. Few minutes while staring at my glittering diamond ring, there goes the rotating brown-out. But, it got back five (5) minutes after. There, I woke up from my very deep sleep and my beautiful nightmare. Haha. I consider it a nightmare! LOL! Smiley


I’m getting married.. — 22 Comments

  1. Hi SDWHH!

    LOL @ this post. Beautiful diamond indeed, and the ending was…a nightmare? LOL!

    I like Dallas. I was there last October for vacation.

  2. @ David: I wasnt able to watch their games lately WHite!!!i missed NBA! and i missed u too!!!

    @ Haaziq: hahah!!! just think then that I am getting married. LOL!

  3. You had me going there for moment. I thought you might really be getting married. hahahahha