..going back home.

So much with my stay here in Cebu City, tomorrow night, I will be going back to Mindanao. However, I won’t be staying in Davao City. I’ll be in our hometown. I prefer to be there than in Davao by this time since it is still very hot there. But in our hometown, though the rotating brown-out is very sometimes pissing me off, the weather is lower. In fact, it is still raining there. Hehe. I actually am having a wet summer in our hometown. Phew!
With those days that I am here in Cebu City, I wasn’t able to do what I had been wishing to do here. And guess what is it? Off course, casino or even just bingo. Hehe.
I and my classmates in medical school had our last bingo game here in Cebu last January, during the Sinulog Festival. We’re supposed to do it again, however, even just going out from my Uncle’s house (where I am staying now), it’s like my skin is really burning. So what I did, I just settled for freebingo online. Whew! I also tried Betfred bingo. Betfred bingo enables players to get more than 100% deposit bonus. Hehe. This is what I like with Betfred bingo.

So tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to Mindanao.


..going back home. — 8 Comments

  1. te mon, Mindanao is the third big island division in the Philippines where our hometown is located..I am in the second big island division now.