From Lola To ME?

After more than 2 weeks of guiding and doing PT (Physical Therapy) with my lola, finally, my lola’s lower back problems are gone.However, I guess her back pain has transferred to me. Hehe. Actually, I already observed this lower back pain of mine since the past 3 months. I just didn’t mind it. But lately, it really bothered me most. Every time I carry Didong, I can’t with stand it any longer. My lower back part really hurts.

I have takenback pain relief medicines, but it didn’t relieve. My mum suggested to have me consult my physician coz she suspect it might be a sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerve in our body that when traumatized causes numbness in the lower extremities an really a painful back pain. But I don’t want to see my physician coz I have a little idea already of what he wants me to have – he might give me lower back braces which I don’t want to wear. Off course, those can help to lessen some more trauma in my back by hindering its movement. Really, I don’t like it!!!

Hope this back pain will be gone after my PT. =((

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