Bucs pick Gerald McCoy No. 3 in NFL Draft

I think I haven’t shared that I am already here in Cebu City for a few days of vacation. Hehe. My stay here even just for a number of days is really worthy. Why? Simply because there are no scheduled rotating brown-outs that I experience and with that I am able to update my blogs, even a little, and to have me updated with the NFL draft as well.

However, the only thing that I am badly claiming here is the super hot weather. My migraine is always cracking me and I can’t freely go anywhere during the day. I just stay in the malls or just in my room.Anyway, talking ’bout NFL draft, as what I had been expecting, my sport bet in NFL draft, Gerald McCoy, the Oklahoma’s defensive tackle, was chosen as the overall 3rd pick. Yayks! I am just so happy watching the NFL draft. Go McCoy!!!


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