Summer Shifting Career

Whew! It’s been a week that I am out from blogging because of our finals week – final examinations, in medical school. It made me real sad coz I really missed Oshi, playing online and blogging also. And now that I am back and getting ready for summer vacation, I am thinking of shifting careers. Haha. Off course, blogging won’t be left behind.
I think I am just getting crazy. That’s what my friends always reminding me. Maybe because I am getting used to stressful, I mean, a very busy lifestyle and would just be having two months of stress-free, book-free, and all of those “free” things from medical school. Now? I am thinking to join one of the Singapore public relations group. They are actually into media relations article management, writing and reproduction thru TV, newspaper, and many more. I actually found myself suited for such summer shifting career job. Hehe. Do I sound crazy? Or what?

One time, my friend asked me if I am really serious of getting a summer job on PR. I only nod. Hehe. She was actually confused, I guess. Then she said, better read more on PR articles; from medicine to webmaster then now PR? Are you ok, ‘gay? Haha.

Guys, I am ok. I am not getting crazy. And yeah, I think I need to think more about this. I am just getting so excited, actually, for summer vacation. Wohoooooooo!!! Smiley


Summer Shifting Career — 14 Comments

  1. ill be going home by Sunday te mon,,but still dunno wat my mum and sis plans are..

    u te mon?

  2. dai!!!

    unta makaya..heheh!!syet, gud thing u wont delete ur blog!!!yayks!!good to see u here dai!ill be going home na,,see u there!


  3. syeeeeeet!!!

    makakita najud kag Grade 2, Section F-26 nga bata dai!hahaha!!!