Realizing Vox

I am getting shaky every time I get to think of my RV. Why? It’s because my hands are itching to drive RV already. Crazy me. With all the examination thrills to face, all I am thinking now is my RV. I do not know exactly why I have this eagerness now. Haha. Might there be someone to buy me RV, is it? Smiley How I wish. Haha. I know I am just dreaming.
With all my want-to -make-things fast approaching in terms of having my RV, I am thinking to apply for auto loans now. See? I am getting real obsessed to own a car now. And I want it to be RV. Smiley
I don’t think my mum would allow me to have my car now. I doubt; most specifically by having it through auto loans where in fact I am still a student. She even asked me once when I shared to her my great desire to have RV the soonest that if I could able to maintain all the necessary stuffs needed for a car. I just told her, “I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there”. Her eyebrows crossed and said it isn’t a good idea for a student to have it.

Too bad.


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