New Career: Instant Caregiver

I was out from the blogosphere the past days after our final examination since my sister asked me to go home as early as I can because she was planning for us to spend our Holy Week somewhere else; I mean, some place out of town. However, when I arrived last Monday morning, March 22, when we were planning all the things we need to have and to do with my sister, there was a slight accident my grandmother (78 years old) experienced. She was forcefully pushing a gallon of water when she slipped her lower back off. Thence, she couldn’t walk and even just to get herself stand up. To make every detail shorter, I became an instant caregiver to my grandmother. There was no one who could attend to her 24/7 except me since my siblings are still working and my aunt and mum don’t want to let the house helper do everything for my grandmother. I do not know how and what I feel.At first, I was thinking of having other career this summer than of being in a medical field like what I have said before, working in media as news relations officer. However, I am being dragged to becoming an instant caregiver instead.In short, I cannot blog more often as I can. I can’t even finish the webhosting project I left when I was still in Dumaguete City. In fact, our web hosting project leader has been calling me already reminding me to finish my work coz no one can do it and the medical company webmaster has been scolding him already about our project. Aside from blogging that I would be missed are facebook, twitter and my casino games. I haven’t even visited yet the casino here since I arrived home. I am just hoping my grandmother would be ok so soon so I could do and have all my addictions done. Haha. And I want vacay. Vacay!!!


New Career: Instant Caregiver — 18 Comments

  1. Yeah la… Doc GG is always needed…play ur casino games after lola gets better he he!

  2. Hello Gagay,

    You poor thing! Well! I've gone through this before when I late mum became bedridden. But funny enough when she was well again she still like to cook for my 2nd eldest brother and wife when they came to the house. You know what? when she was ill these people never appeared to even ask about her!

    So for the 2nd time when she was bedridden again, it was the same thing, since I too have a life besides looking after her when I have the time, we got no choice but to hire a maid to be around her 24 hours.

    Hope your grandma gets better soon!

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